1. Strawberry Tartlets

    Pie crust + dark chocolate layer + vanilla custard + strawberry coulis


  2. lifewithlanang:

    Pielosophy name cards just arrived, ready for launch? ;) (Taken with instagram)

    (Source: curiousmama)


  3. Double Crust Chicken Pie in two crust variants:

    Plain Crust and Grainy Wheat Crust!


  4. Mango Tartlets in the box..such cuties!


  5. Fruit Tartlets with Chocolate Vla.


  6. Peach Pie with Vanilla Cream.


  7. Experimenting with wheat crust:

    Caramel & Chocolate Tart.


  8. Happy Holidays, pie-lovers! ;)


  9. Pielosophy revised Price List per December 2011, effective immediately ;)


  10. Pielosophy Chocolate-Strawberry Pie:

    Dark chocolate vla and strawberry heaven…..


  11. Hand Pies (individually wrapped).


  12. Special Request Pies

    Please don’t hesitate to ask for a pie with your favorite ingredients!

    We’ll create a pie for you!